Our Contribution

Our tagline We help SMBs crafting apps says it all.

We – Is Michel and Pierre Félix.

Help – Our expertise covers basically all activities related to build software apps.

SMBs – The vast majority of businesses are SMBs.[1] They have great needs and usually limited resources. With limited resources come tough decisions. But having an app is not an option anymore.

Crafting – Programming is a science. Creating a successful app is a craft.

Apps – There are infinite ways to build apps. The reality is most ways fail, because most apps are failure.[2] Let’s beat the odds together!

1. According to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, 99.8% of Canadian businesses are SMBs (as of December 2017).
2. Gartner (January 2014) says less than 0.01% of mobile apps will be considered a financial success.