Love Resolve

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What is Love Resolve?

As the website says “We all forget to call loved ones”. Love Resolve is a very simple web app where you build rules. A rule specifies when to call a person (you care about.) And when the time to make a call comes, Love Resolve will send you an email reminder.

The idea of Love Resolve came to Michel after our Mother said: “Michel, tu ne m’appelle pas souvent” (Michel, you are not calling me often). Michel scratched his own itch.

Technology Stack

The app is really simple. is a static page published on

The HTML contain 1 button, [Create Rule], that calls a Google Form.

The Google Form collects the information required to create a rule.

The information you entered is dumped into a Google Sheet.

The Google Sheet contains a script that computes when email should be sent.

The script has a time-driven trigger that runs every day and sends emails when rules are due.

The emails are sent using Google own Mail application.

That’s it! The hardest part was writing the script in Google App Script. But the language is Javascript plus some functions to interact with sheets.

If you have questions or comments about Love Resolve, please email us at [email protected].

Thanks for reading!